Cruize Gaj

Helping Medical Professionals Grow Their Private Practice Since 2004
Cruize Gaj is a long-serving professional in the healthcare industry with a passion in sales and marketing. __ years ago, he founded Cruize Control Health in Houston, Texas in hopes of connecting and helping medical and wellness professionals across the United States grow their businesses. With over 16 years of experience, Cruize is the resource your medical facility needs.  

          Aside from our networking opportunities, we also offer one on one consulting with Cruize Gaj, the founder of Cruize Control Health. As a seasoned expert in sales and marketing, Cruize utilizes his skills to create an ecosystem that promotes healthy and progressive practices in independent medical and wellness facilities as well as professionals

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Patient-centric approach
Exploring the pain points of your business to effectively strategize and tackle your Current operations.
Over 16 years of industry experience
Helping businesses meet their goals by refining their crafts and allowing more avenues for growth
Learn and Grow by Connecting.
Connect with over 50 medical professionals that complement your services to encourage referrals.
Healthcare and Wellness consulting
Aside from our networking opportunities, we also offer one on one consulting with, The Founder, Cruize Gaj